The mobile telemedicine cart enables doctors to interact with their patients and to diagnose,...over distance.

A complete range of 2D Kiosks is available. All units come complete with touchscreen, integrated camera, microphone and speakers. The remote person will appear with aligned eye-contact. Additional equipment (printers, scanners, readers, detectors,..) can be connected.

The Rounder

The mobile Telemedicine Cart

The Rounder is a mobile telemedicine cart currently used in hospitals in the U.S.

This advanced unit has been designed to allow physicians to interact naturally with patients in remote locations. The doctor appears life-sized and communicate perfectly with the patient – in high quality video and audio - as if they were both in the same location.

A nurse assists the patient during the process, in case medical actions have to be taken.

Thanks to a patented device, the patient experiences genuine eye-contact by the physician. That makes a big difference when it comes to conveying trust and establishing rapport. The Rounder has an integrated nurses workstation that will secure a laptop computer in place. This ensures you can leverage your own EHR without the security or data integration worries of a third party solution. The communication is secured. In the leaflet you can find all the details.