A fully integrated system to use live video for your Customer Support, Sales, Service, Training, Recruitment,..

Fully integrated video business solution for service, support and sales.

1.Leads to breakthrough results and hard P&L impact : target of 50% cost savings is realistic.

2.Integration with ICT systems for excellent service to customers. Highest security.

3.For e-commerce and for brick-and- mortar shops. Using the same infrastructure.

The Services FactoryTM leads to breakthrough results.

This new and innovative business tool gives your co-workers access to a 'Services-Factory in the Cloud' to generate and to deliver your services. Regardless locations.

This intelligent, fully-interactive video-based customer service system enables organisations to sell and to service over distance. The cutting-edge technology combined with management science results in the best possible customer experience and has the potential to cut costs by 50% and more. Instantly and permanently.

How it works

Real-life example