Privacy and Cost

As integral part of its Service, Teleportel takes all reasonable measures to ensure the highest level of security and privacy protection. We have a continuous improvement program in place whereby we evolve with technology and legislation and we adopt the latest technologies if appropriate. This is part of our standard costing and pricing model.

The philosophy of Teleportel is to provide custom-built Reception systems that meet exactly the requirements of our customers. We also adopt that same concept when it comes to Privacy and Security. We understand that you may have your own policies, rules, guidelines,..

Privacy is very important to all of us and we all accept that this comes at a cost for us all. Unlike most companies and organizations, Teleportel has chosen to be transparent in the matter of the privacy cost implication. We have not absorbed all the 'hidden' cost in our prices. In other words, you will not pay, if you do not require any optional services.

For the Free Trial, you will be using a 'shared server' (i.e. shared with other companies) and thus not a private, dedicated server. For the Free Trial, you should not be using real data of individuals (real name, real email, real telephone numbers, other personal data). By entering into the 14 Days Free Trial, you acknowledge to agree. If you have a problem with this, then please contact helpdesk@teleportel.com

Instead we list the additional services as separate cost items for your information. Most services are optional, some are compulsory. On this page you can find the basic Services that come with cost implications. We highlight them here to avoid misunderstandings at a later stage.

  1. Once in production (live system, i.e. not in the event of a Free Trial), you will be assigned a private, signaling server, not shared with other organizations. The monthly cost of this dedicated server depends on your application and the number of users. (compulsory)
  2. Enhanced Security packages are available, including network and cybersecurity consulting, harnessed Kiosks (hardware) , pentesting, etc….(optional)
  3. When personal data is to be processed – we will provide our Data Processing Agreement as per GDPR legislation. If you prefer to use your own version of the Processing Agreement, an extra legal fee may be applied for the review and subsequent discussions. (optional)
  4. If you require Teleportel to complete other security and privacy questionnaires, an extra consulting fee may be applied. (optional)
  5. Under GDPR, having a DPO and/or CISO on-board is not a legal requirement. However some of our customers do demand to know the identity of these individuals in order to communicate with them. This is not a standard service but is available at an extra fee. (optional)

Pricing details and more details of the above services can be provided upon request.
Send your email to helpdesk@teleportel.com