Video-conferencing without dedicated hardware or software download.

This inexpensive video-conferencing system is very easy to use and can video-connect and
audio-connect with almost 2 billion users who use the Desktop or Mobile using from the native browser.

The system is very easy to use : it suffices to click the photo or logo of the remote party or parties to be
connected; in video or audio. When the other party is not online, his/her photo will not be highlighted.
Connect buttons can be shown on your own website and visitors simply connect from there.

Secured, encrypted communications.
Normal internet (type VDSL-2 or equivalent) suffices.
The system is customer-installable.

The standard features include :
-high-quality video
-or just audio for those who prefer not to use video
-single-pointing and multi-pointing (with many locations)
-full data collaboration
-transmitting files (pdfs, etc..) to the other participants
-text chat

The basic system is configured as follows :


Any size between 23' and 85'.
Or choose for two displays : one for the remote participants and one as data-screen (presentations)
To be mounted against the wall or to be placed upon a table or cupboard.
For medium-sized conference rooms, we recommend 40'; as shown below.
Can be supplied with integrated speakers or you can opt to use separate speaker boxes.


Inexpensive, fixed camera Logitech C920

or High-Quality HD Pan Tilt Zoom camera (and remote control) from SONY (with Karl Zeiss lens).


with Windows 10 and readily-installed software
Small format : 10 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm
Very silent and robust.
Easy to install : connect to the internet and you are ready to go.


Powerfull, high quality SONY mike (with long cable)
One microfphone suffices for a medium-sized meeting room.


Document scanners, printers, projectors, digital whiteboards, etc..
simply plug and play.

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