Passenger Information Solutions for Challenging Times.

About the Teleportel Airport Solutions

Service and Information Agents work from remote locations to interact live with the passengers. One agent attends dozens of different Service Desks, in many locations. The idle time of the Agent is eliminated. At the same time, the Agent is available and present at the desk when the passenger is in need of assistance. Thanks to Digital Teleportation for Business the Service Agent seems really physically present. Passengers do not even notice the difference!

The bottom-line results :

1. Instant, sustainable, substantial cost-cutting.
2. Reduced risk of infections
3. Perfect personal Passenger service

Unique video solutions for personal service to passengers. The Most Complete and Most Personal Passenger Information Kiosk

Hotel Early Check-In

Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Hotel Van Der Valk have joined forces to offer their mutual customers a unique service. Luggage can be checked in at the hotel, the evening prior to the flight. The passenger is serviced – in his/her own language – by the AVATAR and a remote airport agent. The day after, the passenger can walk straight to the gate. No stress. No time lost.

Passenger Hospitality PointTM

The state-of-the-art Passenger Hospitality Point ® is a full-blown 3D video communication Kiosk. It provides high-quality, personal, face-to-face service to the passengers. Major advantage of deploying this advanced communication tool is the passengers’ acceptance : this is as effective and feels as natural and normal as being served by a physically present person. Moreover, deploying the system cuts costs effectively without compromising the quality of service. On the contrary. Documents can be displayed, read and printed remotely. Payments can be handled. Boarding passes and bar-code labels can be printed.

Self Service Information Kiosk

This Self Service Information Kiosk handles the lionshare of the passengers' requests for information. It provides up-to-date, high quality information at a low cost.


The Passenger at the Airport accesses pre-recorded content or connects with a live service agent in a remote location. The Passenger uses the browser on the PC or Tablet.

Post-Corona Era - Only innovative technologies can help

With the huge impact of Covid-19 on the profitability and operations, it is a matter of survival of airports and airlines to re-invent themselves and to come up with ways to get through this crises in one piece. If there is one thing that we can say with absolute certainty, it is the fact that ‘it will never be the same as before’. Innovative and effective technologies can help to make the difference. The Teleportel Live Video Interaction Kiosk is one of those technologies that can make the difference.

Coping with the biggest Passenger Information Challenges

Time is of the essence. The objective is not to make piecemeal changes or to improve continuously. There simply is no time for those change processes. What is needed are solutions that guarantee breakthrough results : rapid and massive productivity gains. The Teleportel Live Video Interaction Kiosks help to cope with following challenges:

under the circumstances and going forward, it is key to cut costs to a bare minimum. These cost savings must be immediate and sustainable. Manpower is one of the most important, recurring costs that needs to be reduced rapidly and dramatically. A good way to achieve this is that one remote Service Agent attends many information kiosks, in many different places – at the same airport and in different airports. The Agent will appear in front of the passengers, only when that is needed . The Agent should not be at the information counter when no passenger is in need of service. The Live Video Kiosks enable just that. As a result the idle time of the Service Agents is eliminated. The cost-saving as a result of that is substantial .

Moreover, the Service Agents can work from any location in the world. That enables Airports and Airlines to subcontract information services or deploy resources in areas with more favorable manpower costs. That also helps a lot when it comes to servicing the passenger in his/her own language.

Last and not least, the Teleportel kiosks allow to mix live video interaction with automatic self-service features. Certain parts of the communication with the passenger can be automated effectively, without having to involve a live person. The Teleportel systems, combine the automatic and the live service into one passenger-friendly, easy-to-use process. In a nutshell : the Live Video Interaction Kiosks enable airport and airlines to leverage their manpower and to achieve the highest possible level of productivity, without jeopordizing the service that is needed by the passenger.

Not every type of information and not every visitor can be assisted using an automatic information kiosks, as they are currently widely used at airports. Although self-service kiosks are a great help, they simply cannot be used for every situation at the airport. As an example, think about Lost & Found. It is not really possible to handle this service, using Self-Service kiosk.

The best way to avoid one person infecting another, is not social distancing, but avoiding to be in the same place at the same time. The downside of Self-Service Kiosks is the fact that passengers have to touch the equipment (such as the touchscreen). Despite having disinfectant gel, which is not really practical and not 100% safe because often forgotten, especially when people are in a hurry or under stress. The Teleportel Kiosk enable touchless operations : the passenger does not need to touch anything to establish a live video connection with a Service Agent. There are different technologies available that enable touchless operations of the kiosk. The Teleportel Live Video Kiosks allow 100% natural, human communication over distance, without the risks of infections.

Needless to say that – interaction with a passenger, from a remote location – also protects the staff-members against the threats of terrorism and aggression of passengers.

Live Interaction Over Distance – As good as being there. Without compromises

Teleportel offers both inexpensive 2D Kiosks and 3D Holographical Reality Kiosks. In both cases the Service Agent appears with genuinely aligned eye-contact. That means that the Service Agent looks the Passenger straight into the eyes, which is not possible with conventional video communication technologies such as video chat, video conferencing or telepresence. Aligned eye-contact makes a big difference when it comes to natural, human communication and the acceptance of the technology by the passengers.

Another technology is Holographical Reality™ whereby the Service Agent appears as if really physically present. People do not realize that the Service Agent is not physically present. The Remote Service Agent appears life-sized, in 3D, with genuinely aligned eye-contact and does feel physically present. There is no visible screen nor camera. The Agent seems to be projected in ‘thin-air’ and interacts as naturally as ‘in the flesh’. This makes the technology ‘human centric’ as opposed to ‘technology centric’. People use it without giving it a second thought, spontaneously and naturally. The technology is that strong and convincing that we call it ‘Teleportation’.

Watch this video clip to see how it works.

All document handling such as scanning, printing, storing, annotating, etc…can be done over distance, exactly as it is done today. That also includes signatures, reading QR or bar-codes, authentication and verification (eID, Passports, Facial Recognition, etc..) . Interacting with data-bases, legacy systems can be implemented to ensure seamless transactional processes, despite being in 2 different locations. The interaction with these back-end systems is realized using API’s and Webservices. All communication and interactions are securely encrypted. The systems use the different technologies and methods are used to guarantee the highest level of cyber-security . Details are available upon request and subject to an NDA.

Identification and Authentication

Passport scans, eID reader and QR readers, all-in-one. The passports are checked for authentiticy. The QR codes can be integrated with back-end systems. Optionally, facial recognition and facial comparison (with passport, eID and drivers’ license can be activated.

The Versatility Kiosk is undoubtedly the most complete Airport kiosk

This nicely finished, robust, indoor Kiosk for public locations includes following features : live video chat with a remote service agent, audio communication, telephony, online language interpretation service by real translator in the cloud, printing tickets and document, scanning eID and passports, QR and bar-code reading and scanning document brought by the passengers, security instructions, automatic Avatar self-service information..

Holographical Reality Display Technology

A warm welcome and hospitality by the Holographical Reality agent who resides in the remote location, is one of the most memorable experiences a passenger will ever have,…..and it is not even expensive to implement !

The Teleportel designers aim at using the existing counter structures and furniture as much as possible. The aim is to allow you to preserve what you already have in terms of infrastructure. This not only saves costs but it also ensures an aesthetic fit. Insofar technically possible, the display systems are custom-designed and built to fit into the desks and counters that are already in place.

This maximizes the acceptance of this technology because – seen from the passengers’ perspective – nothing changes. The service agents will still be visible, sitting behind the same counters, but they will do this from a remote location. When using the Holographical Display™ technology, most passengers will not even realize that the agents are actually in another location. That is how realistic and authentic this looks like.

Depending on the function of that specific counter, the existing furniture can be modified to achieve 2 objectives : to have a permanent display unit or to have a display unit that can be ‘pushed out of the way’ (upwards) to enable a physical agent sitting there too. In other words , the same physical desk can be used by a real agent but can be replaced by a remote agent, instantly, on the fly. This makes the counter service very flexible and versatile and it saves space.

The same service desk can be used by different service providers, all calling in from different locations. The LED panel above their head (where it says ‘information’ on the photo) shows a different name or logo to indicate the identity of the service provider and/or type of service.

No waiting times & Economic use of space

To ensure fast, personal information for passengers and taking the space constraints into account, we offer Live Video information kiosks, mounted against the wall. Without compromising privacy.

Personal Information Everywhere

The Live Video Kiosks are placed at strategic locations in the airport, i.e. in those spots where we know passengers are in need for information but without creating bottlenecks or long waiting lines.

The Agents in the Back-Office

The agents – providing the service to the passengers – can do this from any location. They can be in remote offices, in call centers or even work from the comfort and safety of their homes. The agents can be in the airport, or in another airport. They can be in any country. This helps to reduce the cost and the quality of the service provision.

The Agents in the Back-Office

The agents do not need special training to know the ‘local’ situation of where they appear on the screen. The system has been designed to project the data onto their screen, while they maintain eye-contact with the passenger. In other words, while they keep looking at the passenger, then can view in real-time what the local situation is. Thanks to this feature, they can provide information to the passenger, as effectively as if they would be on the ground. The training to use the systems is limited to – literally – minutes.

Specialized Agent Workstations

From a small Agent Workstation, the Agent can appear – in the remote location – onto any kind of display. This makes the service flexible and versatile. Thanks to the patented format and configuration of the Agent Workstations, the Agents appear with aligned eye-contact and ‘in 3D’. Real, genuine eye contact (i.e. looking the passenger straight into the eyes) makes a big difference when it comes to Passenger Experience.
More information on the Agent Workstations can be found here.

Back-office Organization

The organization of the back-office is made easy by specialized software tools that are available in the Passenger Management System. That includes Routing : the passenger request is routed automatically to the most suitable agent, based upon the type of request and on the skills and availability of the Agents; regardless their location and regardless the language. More specialized tools such as Mapping, Cascading, Forefront, etc.. are available to ensure that no passenger is ever left unattended and that the right agent is connected at the right time.


The Passenger Management System comes with a reporting system. Thanks to this data, detailed reports can be created at any time. The service levels and productivity of the agents and kiosks can be monitored. This enables continuous improvement programs and finetuning of the processes and the operations.

Instant, online language interpretation

When being confronted with another language-speaker, the agent can make a language choice on the screen. Typically, within 1 to 2 minutes a live interpreter will be online to translate the conversation between your agent and your customer.

There are over 10.000 online interpreters from all over the world – in the cloud - who can provide instant language interpretation in over 100 languages available. This is not machine-translation but the interpretation service is provided by a real person (interpreter). This multi-lingual capability allows your agent to speak live with everyone on the planet; instantly and without prior reservation. At a pre-determined cost. No surprises. This expands the capability of the back-office organization and ensures a coordinated effort to assist any passenger, anytime at any airport.

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