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Unique video solutions for personal service to passengers.

The Most Complete and Most Personal Passenger Information Kiosk

Hotel Early Check-In

Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Hotel Van Der Valk have joined forces to offer their mutual customers a unique service. Luggage can be checked in at the hotel, the evening prior to the flight. The passenger is serviced – in his/her own language – by the AVATAR and a remote airport agent. The day after, the passenger can walk straight to the gate. No stress. No time lost.

Passenger Hospitality PointTM

The state-of-the-art Passenger Hospitality Point ® is a full-blown 3D video communication Kiosk. It provides high-quality, personal, face-to-face service to the passengers. Major advantage of deploying this advanced communication tool is the passengers’ acceptance : this is as effective and feels as natural and normal as being served by a physically present person. Moreover, deploying the system cuts costs effectively without compromising the quality of service. On the contrary. Documents can be displayed, read and printed remotely. Payments can be handled. Boarding passes and bar-code labels can be printed.


Self Service Information Kiosk

This Self Service Information Kiosk handles the lionshare of the passengers' requests for information. It provides up-to-date, high quality information at a low cost.



The Passenger at the Airport accesses pre-recorded content or connects with a live service agent in a remote location. The Passenger uses the browser on the PC or Tablet.


The Airport Information Suite

The equipment and solutions described above are part of a larger Suite of Airport & Station Information Solutions, called ASSISTTM.


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Download ASSIST Mobile TM File

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