The person in the remote location appears exactly as if physically present: it really is as good as being there.

Probably the most advanced way to communicate over distance.

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    3D appearance and aligned eye-contact make the remote person seem physically present.
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    All technical components are concealed : only the 3D person is visible. No camera. No screen.
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    Fully integrated with the Video Operating System for robust and highly effective processes.

The Teleportel-suite features patented hardware and state-of-the-art software. These are not 'me-too' or 'off-the-shelve' technologies. The hardware and software took many man-years to develop. The result is a unique and unparalleled product-line. Our Engineering and programming experts are at the service of our customers to create the perfect application to meet exactly the requirements. We enable our customers to provide the ultimate experience to their clients.

Looking each other really, straight into the eyes, is undoubtedly the most important part of visual communication and of human body language. Because genuinely aligned eye-contact is key in human interaction, we have developed unique technologies.


The Teleportel Reception solutions are truly unique and are not comparable to anything else out there. On this 2D website, it is not possible to make you feel you the very strong sense of presence that is generated by this 3D system. To grasp the business significance of this technology, it is essential experience this first-hand and personally during a live demonstration.

Digital TeleportationTM makes you forget that the remote person is indeed in a remote location. That is where this technology is about and that is its greatest value. The authentic appearance of the remote person ensures the acceptance of the users and the consumers. People – regardless of age or background – accept this hyper-realistic appearance of a remote person as a viable alternative for a real person. That is why this really does work for business applications whereby trust has to be conveyed and rapport has to be established.

How does it work ?

In a Digital Teleportation™ display unit, the image of the telepresent person is a physically measurable distance in front of a backdrop. This true depth relationship achieves a greater sense of presence. This invention has been granted a patent and is protected internationally by pending and granted patents. The viewer is looking directly onto a screen; directly through the special glass -called a "beamsplitter"-. This direct view of the telepresent person does not suffer from aberrations caused by reflection or color degradation. The image is crisp and clear and the audio is natural. Moreover, the camera is placed within the display area and as a result, aligned eye-contact is achieved. Eye-contact is not possible with video conferencing or telepresence systems. All the technical components are cleverly concealed. There is no visible display nor camera. In fact only the remote person is visible 'in mid air' and with aligned eye contact. The end result of all this : it looks and feels 100% as if the person is physically present.

The technology featured in the international crime-series (German-Danish-Belgian co-production) 'The Team'. In following clip you will get a good idea of how the technology works. However you should know that the impressive 3D effect and the strong sence of presence (as if the people are really present) cannot be demonstrated on the screen you are currently looking at. See this clip ( courtesy of Lunanime)

The technology is also being used succesfully in Retail Applications whereby the Service or Sales Agents appear life-sized, in 3D and with aligned eye-contact on so-called 'Kiosks'. They can provide all the information and complete all the transactions a physically-present agent could undertake; including authentication, registration, printing, scanning, etc... See example below

Here you can find a graphical representation of how the Encrypted P2P connection works.

The Software

A Complete Framework designed to allow advanced custom-built Reception Applications; meeting exactly your business requirements.

The Digital Teleportation™ display technology does guarantee acceptance by the users. However, a lot more is needed to use this solution in a profitable business process with high returns. The customer in need of the service must be connected instantly, automatically and at the highest possible quality with the best possible 'service person' for assistance. Moreover the management needs tools to manage the business and the ICT staff needs to support the system in an easy manner. That is where the software comes in. This is how it works Click Here.

At the heart of every system is the ‘engine’. This is not a codec. It is also a codec. But it is a lot more than that. It is also a mediaplayer, it detects motion, it recognizes faces, it can be connected to a touchscreen, to document cameras, to printers, to payment devices, to ID card readers, to biometrical authentication systems, it communicates permanenly with the server in the cloud, it generates data for statistics, it has RS232, USB and IP interfaces to connect to any other device and interact with those, etc…The result of all this is one single device, providing a multitude of services to the users. Using 'conventional' technology -such as video conferencing codecs – 10 different pieces of hardware (and double amount of cables) and complicated software would be required to achieve the same result. Instead, the Engine is simple, inexpensive, very reliable, versatile and easy to support over distance.

The Engines communicate permanently with a Server in the Cloud. On that server resides the Operating System AVICCS™ (acronym for Audio and Video In the Cloud Contact System). AVICCS™is an advanced video contact center software. AVICCS is in permanent Communication with the Engines. The Server handles all the signals and manages the connections between the Engines, but does not handle the media itself (video, audio, data) because those media streams are typically established peer-to-peer between the Engines. Thanks to this, there is limited bandwidth (300 to 400 Kbits) needed at the Server level and the connection speed is a lot faster.

The system is highly scaleable and Engines can be added overnight.

The main features of AVICCS are :
  • Automatically setting up and managing the video connections between Engines
  • Recording the sessions: if required.
  • Routing (skills based): the call is routed to the most suitable agent
  • Statistics: reports on usage (when, how long, where, by whom, etc...), waiting times, satisfaction levels of the customers, the types of questions, etc...
  • Automatic Interaction with the Humanoid AvatarTM
  • The Profile Management based on Skills of the Back Office agents.
  • The advanced troubleshooting : from anywhere in the world the ICT support staff ca, troubleshoot, run diagnostics and remedy technical problems, on-the-fly.

    AVICCS has been designed to be open for Integration with legacy audio call center systems, data-bases and existing ICT systems. This makes AVICCS part of your existing ICT infrastructure and not an additional 'alien' system requiring a new set of rules, guidelines or training.

A lot more Information in this Leaflet AVICCS3

Teleportel Video Communication Technology is completely different.

10 distinct differences generating compelling business reasons


The servers for European customers are hosted in Europe and not in the USA. That does not only offer a better video/audio quality (shorter delay, crisp and clear , no lipsync issues) but, more importantly,the applications are used under European law. That matters to your customers and for your liabilities. The US based customers use servers hosted in the USA.


You can opt to use your own, private, dedicated server in the cloud. The fixed IP number is only used by your company and is not shared with others. This IP number can be programmed in your firewalls for enhanced security.


The programs and systems can be used under white label. It looks and feels like your application and no other names than your own appear in the application.


The programs can be customized to fit exactly into your own business processes, tailor-made to cope with your specific challenges and custom-built to maximize your producitivity gains. For instance the connection buttons can be integrated into your website, your e-mails, your tekst-chats and your apps. The user interfaces will have your companies’ look and feel and will match your housestyle. That not only includes user interfaces but also dynamic interaction with your existing ICT systems.


We offer a complete range of advanced technologies and solutions to ensure maximum cybersecurity, integrity of data and protection of privacy. Over the years, Teleportel has developed a rich portfolio of security features and measures which can be applied to your specific application, in concertation with your IT Security staff and in line with your Security guidelines, policies and procedures.


The video-connections are established peer-to- peer and thus not via a server. This not only makes it faster but it minimzes the risk of being recorded by a third party. Moreover, the connections are encrypted and thus secured. Thanks tot his – together with additional security measures – the Teleportel video systems are amongst the safest in the world.


From the cloud ‘Manager’ you have full control and ‘system management’. Intelligent Routing ensures that the calls are automatically routed to the best suitable member of your staff. These ‘routing’ plans can be set by yourself, very flexibly, in the cloud. Statistical Reports on all the activities (call times, waiting times, customer satisfaction ratings, etc. ) that expired, can be created by yourself in Excel, on-the- fly.


All types of peripheral equipment can be added to these kiosks such as document scanners, cameras, barcode readers, NFC readers, printers, etc… Also, an extra micro-processor can be integrated to enable the remote system to control the environment (opening doors or barriers, moving conveyor belts, switching on lights, etc..). Thanks to all this, all customer interaction activities (desk, shop, retail space, information counter,etc…) can be conducted over distance. This results in cost-cutting, improved productivity and service excellence. In addition to this, the 3D Virtual Teleportation - a patented display technology - makes your staff member appear really physically present in the remote location : life-sized, in 3D, no visible camera nor screen but just the person appearing in ‘mid-air’ and with aligned eye- contact. This is as good as being there and your customers do appreciate this very much.


You can activate recording of the video calls (for instance for security or training purposes) and you can do ‘live streaming’. Thanks to the latter, you can reach many viewers (for instance via your website) and this technology literally turns you ordinary computer into a full-blown TV station; without the need of extra hardware or software.


Teleportel adopts a zero-response time policy when it comes to technical interventions. That means that our contract-customers will enjoy instant service thanks to ultra-short response times. Micro-processors can be integrated in the remote end-points for more effective remote diagnostics and remedial actions over distance. This results in maximum system availability of the mission critical applications.

Building Blocks for Your Custom-Built Solution

Teleportel has a rich portfolio of hardware and software solutions, all designed for customer service transactions over distance. Have a look at the most common ones here.


Many of the Teleportel applications are mission critical and used intensively, 24/7. Down-time needs to be kept to a strict minimum. When malfunctions occur, instant support and service are essential.

Most of the applications are operating unattendedly: no one is around to keep an eye on the process or to operate the system.

The system needs to offer the best possible user experience: it should behave and act exactly as if a real person would be present to service the customer. The Human Avatar (see home page is programmed to do that. However, for more complex services to the customer, other machines and devices may need to be integrated into the process.

In some of the cases - once a live video connection with a remote agent has been established - that agent needs to control and operate equipment in the location where the customer is using the service.

With all this in mind, Teleportel has developed M.A.R.S.(tm) (Machine Automation and Remote Support). Similar to the Roover on the Red Planet, the system enables executing intelligent activities completely authonomously and it allows effective communication with the Control Center.

M.A.R.S.(tm) achieves the following:
- instant technical interventions over distance for cost-effective and fast diagnostics and repairs.
- interacting and integrating with electrical peripheral equipment in its environment.
For example : activating light or audio signals, opening/closing doors or gates or barriers, controlling conveyor belts or weighing machines, triggering alerts, etc...

More information in this leaflet : DOWNLOAD M.A.R.S.

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